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Harischandra Sahayata Yojana :
The Government of Odisha has initiated “Harishchandra Sahayata Yojana” to provide financial assistance to the poor and destitute for conducting cremation. Under this scheme, the Government provides assistance of Rs. 2,000 in Rural Areas and Rs. 3,000 in urban areas to the family of the deceased to perform last rites and rituals. In this article, we look at the Harishchandra Sahayata Yojana in detail.

Features of the Scheme
Some important features of the scheme are listed below:

1. The state government has launched an online application software for the online disbursement of Harishchandra Sahayata Yojana (HSY) Assistance.
2. The State Government has allocated financial assistance of Rs. 14 crores from Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) and from this total amount, Rs. 10 cores will be directly from the CMRF Funds while the remaining 4 crores will come through Collectors.
3. The poor people can easily perform the last rites, and CMRF Portal will provide service delivery in 16 districts initially.
4. In the last 2 years, the government has provided assistance of approximately Rs. 32 crores to 1.68 lakhs poor and destitute families of the deceased.
5. Under Mahaprayan Hearse Service, the Government has already provided 39 vehicles for 29 districts along with 3 vehicles for 6 medical colleges for carrying the deceased person.
6. CMRF will contribute funds for the implementation of Harishchandra Sahayata Scheme, Mahaprayan hearse service and Aahar programmes.
7. The Government has also started the Mahaprayan Initiative for carrying the dead body of the family members from their place to the cremation.
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