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Sri Niranjan Dhal, ORS
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Building & Water Plan :
Water :
The objective of Public Health Engineering Organisation, Govt. Of Odisha is to provide safe drinking water as well as hygienic sanitation system to all urban population.
The Department provides the following facilities to the citizens:
‣ Online Applications for applying New connections of any catagory of connections
‣ Facility to check Application Status and view consumer details
‣ Facility to view Water/Sewerage Bill Details
‣ Online Payment Facility and Payment History
‣ Online Applications to apply various changes in existing connections like Ownership Change, Close Connection, Re-Connection etc.

Approval of site plan of building :
Building Permits regulate various types of building construction that are allowed in the community and ensure that they meet all building standards. The building permit process protects both the owner's interests and those of the community at large. It also helps to ensure that any structural change is safe. Failure to obtain proper Building Permits can result in costly construction delays, legal action and/or the removal of work already completed.
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