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Sri Niranjan Dhal, ORS
Executive Officer
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The Khandapara NAC is the head of the Department as per Rule 428 of Orissa Municipal Rules, 1953. The Chairperson is the head of the N.A.C.The Executive Officer is the Controlling Officer. The following sections are working under this N.A.C .(a)General Office Establishment (b)Public Works section(c)Tax Section (d) Urban Poverty Allevation(e) Sanitation Our town must be a slum free town,up gradation of below poverty line people through implementing different programmes of Government.Keeping the town clean,slum free ,women empowerment,economical up gradation of people and providing basic services through different schemes under DAY - NULM.

Sri Ashok Kumar Rauta
Executive Officer, NAC Khandapada
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