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Sri Niranjan Dhal, ORS
Executive Officer
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Welcome to Khandapada NAC
Khandapada (also spelt as Khandapara) is a town and a notified area committee in Nayagarh district in the Indian state of Odisha. It's a beautiful town on the vally of nine mountains named Malati,Sebati,Bada Tasera,Rajagiri,Mahisasuni Mundia,Sulia Mundia,Tantisara,Dhadi Mundia,Tangera Khapera.

Khandapada is located at 20.27°N 85.18°E.[1] It has an average elevation of 65 m (213 ft).

This N.A.C started functioning w.e.f. 14.8.89 as per Notification No.27375/HUD,Dt.02.8.89 of the Govt. in Housing& Urban Development Deptt., Odisha. The geographical area of this N.A.C comes to 9sqr. miles covering 5 revenue villages with total 13nos. of Council wards having an approximate population 9034Nos. as per 2011 Census.
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1 Quotaion Call Notice No. 825 dt. 15/03/2024 is hereby cancelled due to MCC.
2 Ongoing Work in Khandapada NAC
3 Ama Pokhari drone survey
4 Suvey by Drone in Comibation with DGPS of concerned Area in Khandapada NAC
5 EOI for selection SHG/SDA/ALF under MUKTA Scheme (Urban Infra 2.0)
6 Ward Office Management
7 3rd corrigendum for Ward Office
8 EOI For Lab Technician for SeTP
9 EOI 2nd Corrigendum
10 Expression of Interest (EOI) For Management of Ward Offices by Mission Shakti SHG During the year 2023-24.
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